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LUXBIRD Smart Home Garden Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Gardening Plants Flower Vegetables Seedling Germination Kits Starters

As a hands-on germination kit, it is also a great gift for kids, helping them to experience the gardening fun at home with family members.


Package Included:

Note: Please select suitable seeds that can fully grow under the LED panel (less than 21.0 inches).

①Plug Adapter*1 ②Sponge*12 ③Basket*12 ④Solid Nutrient A ⑤Solid Nutrient B


1. Remove the cover of the water tank and take all the parts out.

2.Pull up the extendable rod as shown below and put it aside.

Note: Hold the water tank with one hand during the process to keep it stable.

3. Connect the device to power source before filling water.

4. Add water and some plant food to the tank, then put the cover on the


Planting Instructions:

Step 1. Make Plant Food Solution (2 Methods):

① Fill the bottle of plant food A and plant food B up with water. Keep shaking both of the bottles until the plant foods totally dissolve. Each 5ml of well-mixed plant food solution A and B should be combined with 1L water. (Plant Food A : Plant Food B : Water = 5:5:1000)

② Use the cap of plant food as a measure, pour out a cap of plant food A and B, and then respectively dissolve plant

food A and B with 5ml water. Add the well-mixed plant food solution A into 1L water and mix the liquor completely.

Then, add the well-mixed plant food solution B into the liquor and mix it again.

(NOTE: The unopened plant food can be stored for 2 years under normal temperature and dark conditions. If you use method ① to make plant food solution, the dissolved plant food can be well preserved for 5 months in a dark and sealed case.)

Step 2. Add Water into the Water Tank:

Remove the rubber seal at the bottom-right of the water tank lid and pour the well-mixed plant food solution into the water tank.

(NOTE: Please mind the MAX line under the rubber seal and
the water added to the water tank should not exceed the MAX
line. )

Step 3:Insert the plant pods into the plant baskets, put your seed into the plant pods, and then place the plant pods into the planting port of the water tank lid.

(NOTE: For better sprouting, please soak the seed for around 1 hour before putting it into a plant pod. Please make sure that the seed is placed inside the plant pod not the surface of the pod. Also, please turn on the power after you finish the process of planting.)

Step 4:Plug In

● Plug power cord into electrical outlet. You’re on your way to a beautiful garden.

Reminder: Do not remove Grow Domes until seeds have sprouted. NEVER REMOVE SEED POD LABELS.

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Additional information



Set Type


Is Smart Device


Model Number

Luxbird Nursery Planters Seeds Pots




Nursery Pots


Luxbird Hydroponics Growing Planter

Grow Light

36 W LED grow light

Hour Rating

3000000 hours

Grow Light Spectrum

full spectrum

Grow Height


Number of Plant

12 pots

Illumination Mode

Veg Mode&Flower Mode

Veg Illumination Mode

16 hours on/8 hours off

Flower Illumination Mode

16 hours on/8 hours off

Water Pump Preset Cycle





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