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Tea Name: Natural Babao Tea Includes Longan Rose Jujube Chinese Herbal Tea Helps Digestion, Beauty Skin

Production Date: 2020

Shelf Life: 12 months

Weight: 180g
Tips:Please store tea on a dry and cold place.

Ba bao cha, as its name, according to the tradition recipe, this herbal tea includes 8 kinds of material as follows: longan, jujube, goji berry, rose, chrysanthemum, raisin, dried kumquat, and rock candy, and they are packed separate, easy to take.
Tea soup is clean, it smells a rose and chrysanthemum aroma, tastes fresh and slight sweet, the character of this tea is you will get a different taste from each sip.
Function:Beauty skin, helps digestion, calming tea

How to brew it?
Take a bag of ba bao cha, pour boiled water 300-400(90-100°C), served after 3-5 minutes, it can be brew repeatly.

1. Rock sugar 2. chrysanthemum 3. raisin 4. goji berry 5. rose 6. jujube 7.dried kumquat 8. longan

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Herbal Tea

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Helps Digestion, Beauty Skin

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12 Months


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