Clear Tarp for Greenhouse




Product Description

Nursery Tarps for Greenhouse

The nursery tarps are made of transparent polyethylene, durable, and easy to fold. We have different sizes, and they are all industrial standard size, you can choose them according to your needs. The clear tarp is perfect for protecting your fruit, seeds, and vegetable from inclement weather.

  • Extra Thick & Strong
  • Premium Polyethylene
  • Endure All Weather
  • Elaborate Details
  • Wide Applications

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Key Features

  • Size & Thickness

    The size of our clear tarp is consistent with the standard size, and it will not be shorter than other tarps; you can use it as much as you can. The tarp is 10mil thick, durable and sturdy.

  • High-quality Polyethylene Material

    The greenhouse tarp is made of premium transparent polyethylene transparent and has a long service life. It can avoid your items from being broken, and you can see your items through the tarp.

  • Suite Severe Environment

    The clear tarp can withstand almost any severe weather, and you can use it during rain or snow day. It can provide a highly secure place for your goods.

  • Convenient to Use

    The clear greenhouse tarp adopts enlarged buttonholes, high-temperature heat sealing and double-layer edging design, which is durable and can be used for a long time.

  • Easy to Fold and Carry

    The clear tarp is soft and easy to fold; you can take it anywhere without trouble. It will not take too many spaces.

  • Various Uses

    The premium tarp is widely used in greenhouse, agriculture, industry, and so on. You can use it to protect your fruit, grain seeds from the rain and snow, cover your industrial equipment outdoors, etc.


  • Overall Dimension: 12×24 ft/3.6×7.3 m
  • Net Weight: 12.1 lbs/5.5 kg

Package Content

  • 1x Nursery Tarp


  • Overall Dimension: 16×20 ft/4.8×6.0 m
  • Net Weight: 15.4 lbs/7 kg

Package Content

  • 1x Nursery Tarp

Features & Details

  • 【EXTRA THICK & STRONG】-The size of our nursery tarp is 12x24ft, and there are many other different sizes; you can choose them according to your different needs. All of our tarp sizes are the industry standard ”Cut Sizes”; you don’t need to worry about our tarp size shorter than others. The clear tarp is 10mil thick, which is durable and highly protective.
  • 【PREMIUM POLYETHYLENE】- Made of heavy-duty premium transparent polyethylene, our clear nursery tarp is durable, waterproof, sunproof, and tear-resistant; it’s as good as new no matter how you use it. Furthermore, its transparent material is suitable for the light penetrating the tarp and seeing the items under the tarp. It will be your first choice.
  • 【ENDURE ALL WEATHER】-The clear greenhouse tarp can be used outdoors due to its durable material, especially in inclement weather, such as heavy rain, hot sun, and blizzard. The tarp can well safeguard the things placed under it from the rain and storm. You can rest assured to use it in any season.
  • 【ELABORATE DETAILS】- Our mesh tarp features an elaborated design; the enlarged buttonhole design is durable, doesn’t deform, the high-temperature heat sealing and double layer edging design is tear-resistant. The thicker border ropes are convenient to use. These designs ensure that our tarp has a long service life, allowing you to have a good user experience.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATIONS】- The heavy-duty tarp is suitable for sheltering from the rain, snow, wind, sun, and more outdoor. You can use it to cover the truck sheds, industrial equipment, grain seeds from severe weather. It can also be used to build various greenhouses. It will give you a surprise you can not imagine.

Additional information

Sail Material





Shade Sails & Enclosure Nets, Nursery Tarps for Greenhouse

Overall Dimension 1:

12×24 ft / 3.6×7.3 m

Overall Dimension 2:

16×20 ft / 4.8×6.0 m

Widely used in

greenhouse, agriculture, industry, and so on


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